What Paper Rolls Fit The Verifone Machines?

Verifone is one of the world’s largest POS terminal vendors and a leading provider of payment and commerce solutions. Operating in more than 150 countries and employing nearly 6,000 people globally. Their steady growth has come organically, through a dedication to innovation and strategic partnerships, as well as from savvy acquisitions.

At the core of the Verifone payment ecosystem is a secure, scalable framework. Their commitment to open standards fosters global collaboration through innumerable channels. Their hardware and software architecture, in conjunction with new development tools, enable more efficient integration. And new partnerships with some of the most progressive companies in payments and commerce further drive innovation and expansion.

Verifone are a titan in the New Zealand market, and as such we had to make sure all our EFTPOS Paper Rolls fitted their machines. We’ve hit that nail on the head, so if you use Verifone, you can use us! The size for these are 57mm x 38mm EFTPOS rolls.

Verifone EFTPOS accomplishments

  • 7.6 billion transactions processed annually.
  • 35+ countries use their payment services.
  • They have 150+ acquiring endpoints
  • One of the biggest EFTPOS manufacturers worldwide