What Paper Rolls Fit the Spectra Machines?

SPECTRA Technologies, founded in 1993, is the Greater China Leader in design and development of electronic transaction solutions. They offer state-of-the-art technologies including the world’s first integrated cordless transaction solution, self-service electronic transaction solution, security magnetic card reader and detachable IC card and SAM card module.

With the combination of innovation and pragmatism, SPECTRA Technologies’ pioneering hardware and software won top honours at various award ceremonies. 

Spectra is not quite a household name in NZ, with other terminal providers like Verifone and Ingenico controlling the market. Nevertheless, it is still important that our EFTPOS Paper Rolls fit these machines, and we took this into account in our manufacturing. The size for these are 57mm x 38mm EFTPOS Rolls.

Although operationally brilliant, there can be a stand up on their appearance, which is something SPECTRA is wanting to fix. Their innovation is first-class and they will be looking to push new, greater machines in the future.

SPECTRA Eftpos Accomplishments

  • One of the highest recieved in the Asia marketplace.
  • Certified by China UnionPay.
  • In Hong Kong, 90% of banks and merchants use SPECTRA.
  • Over 60 banks worldwide use SPECTRA Eftpos machines