Which Paper Rolls Fit The Castle (Wolfstrike) Machines?

Castles are a distributor of EFTPOS machines, and come under the label of Wolfstrike in New Zealand.

Castles itself is a professional leading manufacturer in the payment industry that provides merchants with an innovative range of products that make payments seamless, simple and secure.  Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, we have made sure that every single one of our EFTPOS Paper Rolls fits the Castles (or Wolfstrike) machine. The size for these are 57mm x 38mm EFTPOS Rolls.

Castles most recent achievements

  • #1 Terminal provider in the Middle East
  • Becomes top 10 terminal provider globally- Nilson Report (October 2016)
  • Launched VEGA3000 Series
  • Launched Mobile payment device- NexGen MobilPay MP200 with PCI 4.x certified
  • Launched UPT1000 Unattended Payment Terminal
  • Established Castles regional offices in United States, Europe, Singapore and Japan
  • Castles goes public in December 2016

Eftpos Paper Rolls Provides Eftpos Paper Rolls For Wolfstrike Eftpos Machine Brand